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A detail of the sheet music to Joan Hoadley's "Costa Mesa Plateau", the first song written about Costa Mesa.

The Costa Mesa Songbook

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Did you know that over two dozen songs have name-dropped Costa Mesa? Over ten of them have appeared in the past five years alone. And in a variety of genres, too: rock, reggae, alternative, Christian, electronica, you name it. Everyone loves to sing about our town.

We’ve selected a few notable tracks below. Find a full list of songs at the bottom of the page. Let us know if there’s anything we missed!

Notable Tracks

Costa Mesa Plateau · June Hoadley · 1963
In 1963 the Chamber of Commerce sponsored a songwriting contest to celebrate the city’s 10th anniversary. June Hoadley won with “Costa Mesa Plateau.” The stirring anthem was the first composition of the magazine writer and mother of four. “It was a good song,” remembered Barbara Whitacre, co-founder of the Harborlites, the choral group who performed the song. “The gals enjoyed doing it.” Find the original sheet music at the Historical Society museum.

77 Fair Drive · Vina Harmer · 1966?
This ultra-rare homage to city hall was composed by local lounge legend Vina Harmer. You’ll want to snap along to this luscious multi-movement piano piece. Sadly, it’s out of print. Feel free to come down to the museum for a listen.

Costa Mesa California · Jerry Hall· 1969
The Chamber chose this as its new theme song in 1972. The dozen verses by tire dealer Jerry Hall praise the weather, the Chamber of Commerce, the police, and Firestone tires, and even take the time to ponder the height of miniskirts. Find the original sheet music at the Historical Society museum.

Urban Struggle · The Vandals · 1982
Costa Mesa has been featured in punk music since the early 1980s. In fact, one could argue the most popular song about Costa Mesa is The Vandals’ “Urban Struggle”. This NSFW punk standard pokes fun at the conflict between patrons of the Cuckoo’s Nest and Zubies, two rival clubs that used to sit next to each other on Placentia Avenue. The track has over 1.5 million views on YouTube.

Costa Mesa · Nelson Riddle · 1983
Riddle became famous in the 1950s after arranging many of Frank Sinatra’s greatest hits. Late in life his career got a second wind thanks to a trio of platinum albums he recorded with Linda Rondstadt. He wrote this breezy jazz tune circa 1983 when the pair appeared together at the Pacific Amphitheater.

Costa Mesa USA · Floyd Levin (Lyrics) · 2005
The city council honored “Costa Mesa USA” with the title of official song in 2005. This lively little number, written for the dearly departed OC Classic Jazz festival, features lyrics by award-winning jazz historian and writer Floyd Levin. “This is sure the best place to hear hot jazz,” it proclaims. “Stick around and listen to that razzmatazz!” Come down to the museum for a listen.

Costa Mesa, My Sweet Home · Dan Krikorian · 2013
The city commissioned another song in 2013, when officials tapped Dan Krikorian to write a song for the city’s 60th birthday. Krikorian’s composition tried, as he said, to “capture the feeling for an entire city.” The inspiring anthem blends past and present, from “humble farmlands” to “halls of symphonies.”

Costa Mesa Dixon-Line · Patrick Brayer · 2015
Honestly, we have no idea what this song is about. But this Mellencamp-inspired roots rock tune is fun to listen to. And besides, you get to sing along to lyrics celebrating “our own native plants and history”.

Costa Mesa, CA · Robert Shaia · 2015
Who doesn’t love a song that rattles off “Harbor, Fairview, Bristol Street, Bear,” and lists icons like South Coast Plaza, the OC fair, and “concerts in the park every Tuesday night”? Sadly, the ditty’s rather unneighborly lyrics referring to “Newport brats” and the “Irvine Company joke” seem to have doomed its chances of ever becoming official.

All Songs


Costa Mesa Plateau
· June Hoadley · 1963
Costa Mesa, California 
· Jerry Hall · 1969


Costa Mesa, My Sweet Home 
· Dan Krikorian · 2013
Costa Mesa Dixon Line 
· Patrick Brayer · 2015?
Costa Mesa 
· Robert Shaia · 2015


Urban Struggle 
· The Vandals · 1982
Costa Mesa 
· The Surf Piranhas · 1983
Costa Mesa Hates Me· 
Supernova · 1994
Costa Mesa
 · Deluxetone Rockets · 2001
Costa Mesa is Killing Me 
· Vulture’s United · 2017
Costa Mesa 
· Mannhattan 
· 2018


77 Fair Drive · Vina Harmer · 1966-69?
Costa Mesa 
· Nelson Riddle · 1983
Costa Mesa, U.S.A. 
· Floyd Levin · 2005
Costa Mesa 
· Nicolas Viccaro · 2015
Costa Mesa 
· Sheldon Pickering · 2018
Costa Mesa
· Maria Mclean


Costa Mesa 
· B Foundation · 2006


Costa Mesa · 
Siinergia · 2008
Costa Mesa
 · Anemonen · 2017


Costa Mesa 
· Wes Tucker · 2005


The Stoners Live in Costa Mesa 
· Uncle Joe’s Big Ol’ Driver · 1994
Costa Mesa’s Heroes 
· Bobby Perez · 2015
Costa Mesa 
· WANK · 2016
Costa Mesa· 
Mr. Pope · 2018


3184 Pullman, Costa Mesa 
· Robert Crouch · 2016

Spotify Playlist

If you have Spotify, you can enjoy this chronological list of Costa Mesa songs.