30,000 Miles In Mexico


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— the joyous adventures of two women campers in the Land of the Plumed Serpent

Soon after their introduction to Mexico, back in the Model-T Ford days of nearly 40 years ago, Nell Murbarger and her mother began drafting plans for a winter-long camping jaunt to Mexico’s southern tip, with side excursions to all the fascinating places of which they had read. Work, war, finances, and other problems, however, always conspired to defer that dream, and the years marched on until Nell had passed the half-century mark and “Mom” was nearing 74 — much too old, said friends, for such a strenuous under-taking as they had in mind.

But Nell and Mom were through postponing their dream of half a life-time! Undaunted by their years — as well as by repeated warnings that two American women would not dare camp alone in the more remote sections of Mexico they planned to visit  — mother and daughter set off gaily, one autumn day in 1960, in a Ford truck equipped with a camper-coach body.

Traveling good roads and bad, Nell and Mom visited scores of interesting off-the-beaten-track places, unknown to guidebooks and rarely glimpsed by tourists, and before conclusion of their jaunt had made scores of new friends from one end of the country to the other.


30,000 Miles In Mexico: Adventures of two women and a pickup-camper in twenty-eight Mexican states

by Nell Murbarger

First Edition


310 pages, gently used


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