“A Slice of Orange”: The History of Costa Mesa


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In California’s history, cities have played a key role, as seaports, as mining centers, as county seats. The history of Costa Mesa is a contribution to the understanding of the part that one city has played in the growth of one of America’s most populated and important areas – Orange County.

Costa Mesa within these pages becomes more than just a “whistle stop” between Newport Beach and Santa Ana. Ed Miller traces the evolution of events from the uncomplicated cultural styles of California Indians to the emergence of a dynamic suburban commercial and residential center.

This local annal becomes then a small window through which the history of the county and the state can be understood.

This book, also, is replete with pictures that will enhance our historic sense. These photographs will not only delight those who remember the “good ol’ days,” but will also help children to measure the change that has occurred within the short span of Costa Mesa’s life. In addition, A Slice of Orange records rich anecdotal materials and relevant information such as how Costa Mesa was named.

For the research-oriented, there are bibliographical sources and tables listing past postmasters, teachers, political figures and population growth.

Our locality is Costa Mesa. And in reading this history, you will find that a singular part of its strength and character is the willingness of its citizens to help others.


“A Slice of Orange”: The History of Costa Mesa

by Edrick J. Miller

Bicentennial Edition


258 pages, gently used