Just Call Me “Eddie”: My Life as a Pioneer Pilot in Orange County





Orange County, California, owes much of its prestigious aviation image to the talents and business acumen of one man: Eddie Martin.  Eddie Martin’s imagination, vision, and determination provided the foundation for the present-day John Wayne Airport.

Unlike most of his contemporaries in the 1920s and 1930s, Eddie wasn’t interested in getting headlines in the newspapers for speed records, racing, or stunt flying. From the beginning of his early barnstorming days, he saw aviation as a business.

In Just Call Me “Eddie”, he chronicles his adventures as a barnstormer dedicated to keeping his planes flying and early money. He weaves his journey from that of a shy farm boy-influenced by seeing a race between pilot Lincoln Beachey and auto racer Barney Oldfield – to that of an internationally known pilot and airport owner.

Eddie went on to become a renowned flight instructor, owner of Martin Aviation, airplane mechanic and designer, corporate pilot, and test pilot of both civilian and military aircraft.

The book includes many unique photos which came from Eddie himself and his family.


Just Call Me “Eddie”: My Life as a Pioneer Pilot in Orange County

by Eddie Martin


200 pages


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