Scratch One Zeke


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You are an aggressive, carefree young fighter pilot, eager to tangle with the Japanese enemy. But your flight leader seems allergic to combat, refusing to seek out the enemy. This dilemma faced Jake Garner and his flaky wingman, “Soupy” Campbell, in the early uncertain days of the war in the Southwest Pacific. When the two are finally able to break out of their chains, they cut a wide swath against enemy Zekes and Oscars over the steaming jungles and soaring peaks of New Guinea. Even in outclasses P-40s, the team racks up victories in a series of raging battles. Jake soon learns that with success comes responsibility and that he can no longer treat the war as his private playground. How he deals with this new dilemma is at the heart of this action-packed novel.


Scratch One Zeke

by Charles A. Watry


132 pages


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