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A New Look at the Adobe

Thanks to a joint effort of society volunteers, a new mannequin has been added to the Diego Sepulveda Adobe.

It’s hoped the mannequin, representing a young woman from around the 1860s, will illustrate period dress, spark conversation, and add a splash of color, craftsmanship, and beauty to the adobe’s Victorian Room. The mannequin was purchased with the personal funds of Art and Mary Ellen Goddard, who then donated it to the society. It replaces a taller mannequin whose dress could no longer be repaired.

Once acquired, one of our docents reached out to Cynthia Corley, Orange Coast College Theatre Arts Department, who donated her time to create the new mannequin’s outfit and wig. Corley was reimbursed for the cost of materials, but she donated all her labor for the benefit of the historical society. The mannequin now models an attractive blouse and tiered skirt.

The mannequin is a perfect example of how people can help our organization. If you have an idea for helping out, let us know. And don’t forget to stop by the adobe and admire the work that went into the new educational model.