In Search Of

As the bottom of our newsletter states:

Promoting and preserving Costa Mesa history is our mission

The whole purpose of preserving any history is to inform and educate future generations on things as they were at that point in time.

This is accomplished through such things as photos, stories, records and materials.

We welcome any one of those items to add to our collection to preserve. However, it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and our search for photos of Costa Mesa is endless. Photos capture a moment in time. Some of those moments represent a slice of history. An example of this was in our December newsletter showing the fire that destroyed the Clark house.

You may have a photo that was taken in Costa Mesa showing a parade, the Fish Fry, the construction of a shopping center or the destruction of an historic building or an important event and so on.

If you have any such photos, but don’t want to part with them, we would be happy to scan them into our system and you can keep the original. Any photos of early Costa Mesa are most desirable, but bring in what you have. Your participation would assist us with our very important mission.

– Bob Palazzola